Fashion Flamingo

Discounts - for our Fashion Flamingo's

We do run Discounts for our Fashion Flamingos. 

First Time customers:

Once you buy the jewelry and if you like it and leave a positive feedback email back to us that can be published in google maps, we will issue a 10% off coupon for the following purchases.

Repeated Customers:

When you buy the jewelry, please refer to the prior purchase, we will issue a 5% off coupon for the 2nd purchases onwards.

Sale Events - for our Fashion Flamingo's

Accessorizing an outfit with jewelry is one of the most fun ways to express yourself for any public events such as Tamil New Year / Pongal / Diwali etc... To celebrate your event with Fashion Flamingo, we offer a public event sale price that can be reflected in the Fashions listing page. 

Note: We may not be able to offer a full 5-10% discount on top of the already slashed sale price but we will try our best to accomodate our Fashion Flamingo's with a considerable discount