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Welcome to Fashion Flamingo. We carry varieties of fashion antique design jewelry that are sure to turn heads your way. Some of our collections include - 

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Fashion Flamingo is a passionate woman owned business established with a craving to propel the polished fashion jewelry with matured morals in the most sort out business.

Since my young years, I have been known as a “Fashionista” and have dependably been enthusiastic about wearing perfect adornments. My style for shopping and When I wear my unique gems manifestations, companions, just as outsiders stop me and remark on my excellent adornments. Most of the time I have to spend a lot of time shopping around which made me think to bring the unique collections at one place to all of my friends - which made me to venture into my Fashion Flamingo

Fashion Flamingo’ is with quality at easy reach in mind. Our store has been the must-perused hotspot for quality fashion Jewlery for years. We handpick the classy collections from the adornment's experts around the world.

Today - we proceed with that mission and bring our collections to you "Friends" who remain as the most dependable, repeated customers across the country. We are well recognized by our clients as their first choice for our increasingly individualized collections.

Today Fashion Flamingo is a trusted one stop shop for all your fashion jewel collections without breaking the bank. We guarantee your satisfaction in your purchase, and we know you'll visit us again for your next.

Many people enjoy wearing handmade jewelry. If you look closely, you will find our collections stand out from the rest. Check out our catchy handmade jewelry collections.

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Tips - Wherever you may have bought the fashion jewelry, please check out our News & Tips section to maintain your collections to stay in good state.

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