maart 9th, 2014

You might know that I’m addicted to shoes, clothing, bags… things like that.  But did I ever told you about  my BIGGEST addiction: bananas?  I just love that yellow weird thing, and the best of it: it’s a healthy yellow weird thing! yayy :) Here are three banana recipes that  I had as breakfast this week. I hope you like the them, let me know what you think of it! Bon appétit x

1. Yogurt fun


-organic muesli



-goji berries

-coconut fibers

2. Banana party

-bread (I’ve toasted it)

-peanut butter



3. Banana pancake

-1 egg

-1 banana

-honey or cinnamon

Mash the banana as fine as possible until it has become a smooth paste together with the egg. You can add some chia seeds to be sure that your pancake won’t break when you turn it around in the frying pan. I’ve  added some honey for some extra flavour, cinnamon works fine too ;)


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